“Deceleration – Deep Loops” – get the new release with a wonderful deal!

“Deceleration – Deep Loops” – get the new release with a wonderful deal!

As you might know, BandCamp today tries to raise more awareness around the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on musicians everywhere. They are waiving their revenue share on sales this Friday, March 20 (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much-needed money directly into artists’ pockets.

I would like to jump on this train and add an extension to this deal. For each of my digital releases you purchase using BandCamp today, I will immediately invest the complete money into buying releases from other artists.

Here are the release notes:
I had the idea for the „Deceleration – Deep Loops“ a long time ago. I wanted to make a tape-loop-like record with very long, breathing chords, dense orchestration, fragmented loops, though slowest possible changes. A homage to minimalist symphonic composers and orchestras.

The result is these two tracks, in my opinion, they are perfectly suited for meditation usage. Therefore I mixed them especially to be used with a pair of good quality headphones. No binaural beats are involved whatsoever, just pure acoustic sounds in healing 432 Hz, heavily mangled with mostly analogue effects.

I hope this helps to bring some deceleration in these crazy times, something we all need so much. Relax, enjoy, and stay healthy.

Now jump over to BandCamp and start helping me to help others.


New Meditation Music Release: Sea Of Voices

New Meditation Music Release: Sea Of Voices

The „Sea of Voices“ was created to dive deep into meditation with many layers of voices, like acoustic waves in an ocean.

We used the frequency of 136.10 Hz as the root of this sound cluster as it is resonating with the cosmic „OM“. It is also related to the heart chakra and is called frequency of the „Earth Year“. It has a high potential for healing powers in the body and the soul. Its pure power of the human voice was created to achieve a very deep level of relaxation during your meditation and can help you access your subconscious mind or support your visualisation.

Best to listen to with good quality headphones or earplugs, right after or before sleep.

For more information about Alpha-Theta Coaching, please visit the beautiful website.

„Sea of Voices“ is available on my BandCamp site.
Of course it’s a free add to the catalog of my BandCamp subscribers.

If you prefer to use Apple iTunes to listen and purchase your music, you will find „Sea of Voices“ there, too!

“AIR musicians” by Hajo Müller, or: On The Other Side Of The Lens

“AIR musicians” by Hajo Müller, or: On The Other Side Of The Lens

A while ago a photographer friend of mine, Hajo Müller, started a new project. He calls it “AIR Musicians” based on the concept of the air guitar. His basic idea is the question of what it looks like when it is not amateurs who play the air guitar but professionals. And the results are hilarious.
When I first saw pictures of this project – photos of Nick Beggs, Craig Blundell and Adam Holzman – I wrote Hajo a message and congratulated him on the great concept and the wonderful photos. A few weeks later we met, and I took the other side of the lens. I was not a photographer anymore, but Hajos target for the next AIR musician shooting. It as a crazy lot of fun, I tried to play air piano and brought my piano stool for it. Now here is the result for you:

Marc AIR Piano, by Hajo Müller

But the session with Hajo didn’t stop at that point. He went on, shooting some portraits of me, and what can I say? I LOVE the results. He mastered it to put me in a natural mood and cached moments where I just look as I am, and where I am comfortable with it.

Thanks, Hajo for including me in AIR musicians and for the nice evening. I feel deeply honoured.

Check out Hajos homepage for AIR musicians.

The Value Of Music

The Value Of Music

“I think, it is degrading and humiliating to give in to the discount-way-of-life these times seem to force on us. I admit that I don’t have to make a living from my music, so anyone who thinks music is not more worth than a fucking newspaper can go to some streaming service and diddle their ways through cheapness. Regards “

I received this message via email today. It touches so many points in me that I want to post this as an open answer.

The writer refers to a message I sent to my newsletter subscribers about the release of “Feeding Moon Rocks To Cockroaches “. The lines in question are:

“Needless to say, that this is another addition to my subscriber’s catalogue – thanks so much for your support!
All you other lovely people, feel free to support my music with purchasing this album for a few bucks or become a subscriber. In either way – thank you!“

I never thought that this could be understood as degrading and humiliating. I’m advertising the subscriber option, which is a great way to support a creative artist, and I promote my new release for a few bucks – not for free. I don’t see the “discount-way-of-life “in this. And I don’t think that “music is not more worth than a fucking newspaper “- newspapers became quite expensive, by the way – but the days of selling the CD or Vinyl version of an album a million times for 10 to 30 Euro are over. We musicians have to find other ways of selling our art.

Let me explain:

Making music became so cheap. You can buy a new electric guitar for €50, or €100 Including a cable and an amp. The recording studio that cost a thousand euros per day is now on your computer on your desktop. Most of the times the software you need for it is already on your hard drive the day you’re purchasing the machine. If you want to go old-school complete set of microphones for a whole band can be less than €500.
It’s easy and cheap to have access to record music. So not only the pro musicians are recording and releasing their stuff. Also, millions of amateurs are creative and want their music to be heard. And although they use a lot of cheap equipment that’s not necessarily bad stuff they are releasing.
I love to use Bandcamp as a source for new music. You can find beautiful crazy tracks there, and you can be sure that most of the money you spend finds the way to the artist. I sell my music there and can only recommend their service.
But the point is, there is so much more music released every day than some decades ago. There is a broader audience, but I think the “willing to pay “audience is not that much more substantial. We can’t ask €20 or €30 for digital release today. It would be nice if we could, but this is not possible with today’s market.
Anyway, this does not mean that music is not worth it. But the value of your art is not defined by the price tag you put at it.
From the commercial point of view, this is frustrating. Most likely, you won’t get back what you invested in making your music. But is this any different than some years back? Only some lucky artists had the opportunity to record their music and release their records, mostly with the help of a music label. And only some of them were able to make a living from their music. So not that much has changed. We only have more artists releasing more of their music – which is a good thing.
But be prepared that you don’t get rich from your music. You can also avoid streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music if you think that that they don’t pay you enough. But I think this limits the reach of your music. You could find so many fans with using these services and maybe sell some music to them later. And especially when you are making music for the niche of a niche, as I do, the most important thing is to reach a broad audience, to find your audience.


And now, finally, let’s talk about the value of music today. Music has a commercial and emotional value. Unfortunately, discussions about the value of music mix these two without even recognizing that you are talking about two different things. An album may cost €5 or €20, which is just an essential factor when you require refinancing the production. The higher the price, the fewer copies you sell — the lower the price, the smaller the payback. It’s not easy to find the commercial sweet spot.
The emotional price is a different thing. It can’t be measured in any currency, and it’s just indicated by the relationship you have with a song or an album. As a musician, I have some releases that are really close to my heart. And to be honest, I don’t care if these are commercially successful. The most important thing for me is that these songs are heard by a large audience. Because this is what music is made for. Not to be sold, but to be heard. So the best selling strategy does not help at all if I reach a smaller audience than practically giving the songs away for free, or let the interested person pay as much as she/he likes. I am a huge fan of giving stuff away for free. Not to degrade orde humiliate me or someone else, but because I the pure act of giving something away for free makes this world a better place. In my crazy mind, I dream of a world without money. Imagine you could have everything you wish for free. Imagine. What would change? High price tags would become irrelevant because you would choose depending on what you really need, and what would fit your application best. Brand names would be valued by their real quality, not their good marketing. And the best thing: It would be so much easier to give something to another person because it’s free anyway. I can do this already with my creativity. I can make something, and give it to you for free, or for a small price that’s only a fraction of what I originally paid for making it. And this is not an act of humiliation. It’s an act of love. We are all one, and everyone can make this a better place by just acting so. Just do what you can do in the position you are in, in the life you currently are living. You can change so much by just acting not as our current concept of financial dependence dictates.

Your comments and thoughts are more than welcome.

PS: Sven Kosakowski took this wonderful portrait of me. Thank you!

Feeding Moon Rocks To Cockroaches

Feeding Moon Rocks To Cockroaches

Here is some new food for your ears. I just released the album „Feeding Moon Rocks To Cockroaches“.

I had some quality in the lab in the last days. Time to make some adjustments to the gear, fine-tune sounds, programming some things I had in mind already for months. These are the results of the sessions I had.
The titles of the tracks, well, look them up on the internet. You will find some crazy science behind them.

Needless to say, that this is another addition to my subscriber’s catalogue – thanks so much for your support!
All you other lovely people, feel free to support my music with purchasing this album for a few bucks or become a subscriber. In either way – thank you!

Love is the answer.