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This is The Lab

I built this place with Sven Kosakowski, my brother from another mother. Our vision was a great sounding, always ready recording laboratory for experimental, improvised music. We are so happy that after more than half a year of planning and building we finalised it and are ready to record.


In the following, please find some pictures of the room, the gear we packed inside, and Sven and me playing. We are constantly adding and changing things, so this room is a work in progress, just as the music we make. Stay tuned for new releases…

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Our Latest LAB Releases

All releases are available on BandCamp. For a full list please click here.

THE LAB Balanced - Cover
"What We Need" album cover

The Lab Manifest

Create, innovate, collaborate, share.

Be yourself and let the music flow. Challenge yourself and create the unknown. Try to avoid musical habits. Improve yourself and play something new. Take risks, be prepared to fail, but always turn the mistake into something beautiful.

Make quick decisions. If something gets boring stop it or change it. Think process, not product. Give something away and tell a good story. Ignore the rules, but never play a note without a purpose. Play what you like to hear.

Be nice. Love. We are one.

The Gear We Love To Use


Kirchhoff Drums
Fender Rhodes Mark I
Minimoog & Moog One
Nord Stage 4
…and a ton of modular synth modules.


2x Apollo X8P
Apollo X16
Adam A7X
Vision Ears IEM


Cubase / Abelton Live / LUNA
UAD Plugins

THE LAB Onecard

Do you want to write a review or press article about THE LAB? Here is our Onecard for the basic information and some prepared texts., pictures and contact info.

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All of these projects and recordings are made without the usual rules of the music business. It is not about money and fame; it is about the moment, the music and the art. With this project, we don’t want to enter the charts but want to offer musicians a platform to create something far away from rules and expectations. The Lab wants to provide artistic freedom in the true meaning of these words.
Therefore it would be great if you help us with this project. Any help is much appreciated.

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