Meditation Music For Musicians

As a musician I always have problems with the usual meditation music. The melodies are trivial, the synthesizer sounds mostly tasteless and a flute lurks at every corner. So I decided to create my own music.
(Marc Mennigmann)

Chakra Activation for Musicians. The first release of this series. You can order it here.

Meditation Music for Musicians

As a musician you are trained to hear the notes between the notes, and you have a clear vision of what you aesthetically expect from a piece of music. Your hearing is analytical and if something in a recording grabs your attention it is hard to NOT hear it.

This makes it complicated to find a suitable meditation music. I heard myself through hundreds of so called „meditation music“ records, only to find out that none is really working for me. Trivial melodies, non-musical synthesiser sounds and flute sounds are making it impossible for me to relax and dive into the flow of my meditation.

The Concept

I started experimenting with sounds and harmonic systems on my own, which resulted in this series. I chose samples of orchestral string and brass sections as main source for notes, as they can hold very long tones without interruption while still sounding organic and alive at the same moment. Also added are some individually tuned piano notes, plus some gong, singing bowl and deep drum sounds for fragmenting meditations into logical parts.  Further I added some high-quality ambient sounds of water on the seashore. These will gently distract you from the frequencies working on your chakras and give your meditation more room.

The notes you will hear do not follow the tempered tuning you are used to. This is part of the concept. I selected the notes from three different systems, each representing the seven chakras, which gave me a tone material of 21 frequencies. These are the three systems used:

Frequencies & Scales

The notes you will hear do not follow the tempered tuning you are used to. This is part of the concept. I selected the notes from three different systems, each representing the seven chakras, which gave me a tone material of 21 frequencies. These are the three systems used:

Platonic Frequencies:

Earth (Root Chakra): 194,18 Hz
Synodic Moon (Sacral Chakra): 210,42 Hz
Sun (Solar Plexus): 126,22 Hz
Earth Year (Heart Chakra): 136,10 Hz
Mercury (Throat Chakra): 141,27 Hz
Venus (Brow Chakra): 221,23 Hz
Platonic Year (Crown Chakra): 172,06 Hz

Ancient Solfeggio Scale:

UT – Root Chakra: 396 Hz
RE – Sacral Chakra: 417 Hz
MI – Solar Chakra: 528 Hz
FA – Heart Chakra: 639 Hz
SOL – Throat Chakra: 741 Hz
LA – Brow Chakra: 852 Hz
SI – Crown Chakra: 963 Hz

Chakra Energy Center Carrier Waves:

Root Chakra: 256 Hz
Sacral Chakra: 288 Hz
Solar Chakra: 320 Hz
Heart Chakra: 341 Hz
Throat Chakra: 384 Hz
Brow Chakra: 448 hz
Crown Chakra: 480 Hz

Meditation Music for Musicians will be the second release of this series. To be released in 2020.

The Tracks

For the tracks of “Chakra Activation for Musicians”, the first three songs use exclusively the frequencies of only one of these three systems. Track 1 is exclusively notes from the Platonic Frequencies, track 2 uses only the Solfeggio Scale and track 3 is made from the Carrier Waves. All three tracks work from the root chakra up to the crown chakra, staying on each chakra for 2 minutes.

The last track “Combined Scales” stays two minutes on each of the three frequencies for each chakra, which totals in 6 minutes per chakra and an overall meditation time of approx. 42 minutes.

Track listing:

1) Chakra Activaion 1 – Platonic Frequencies  (14:56)
2) Chakra Activaion 2 – Solfeggio Scale  (14:56)
3) Chakra Activaion 3 – Energy Center Carrier Waves  (14:56)
4) Chakra Activaion 4 – Combined Scales  (42:52)


All these tracks are best enjoyed through headphones or through a quality sound reproduction system. May these meditations benefit all beings on our journeys towards peace, wholeness, and respect for all life.

It is a wonderful album and very different from any music we are used to listening to when doing meditation. The sounds are very well chosen and above all it is not “new age” music or simply sounds and random notes taken from a synthesizer. You can listen a very good work and it’s notorious that there was a lot of thinking and conscious when composing it.
Very pleasant to listen to, relaxing and very peaceful in each of its notes. I really liked his sound treatment, highly recommended for meditation or relaxation activities.
Fabián Romero

(Composer, Ecuador)

[…] Marc Mennigmann, als Künstler ein Rennaissancemensch, wie es sie nur noch selten gibt, bewandert bis zur Virtuosität auf vielen verschiedenen Gebieten, hat etwas produziert, das sowohl fertiges Produkt, benutzfertig und durchdacht ist, als auch Experiment, offen für Entwicklung und neue Erkenntnisse. So verstehe ich es wenigstens.
Ich empfinde den Ansatz als sehr sympathisch, die Frequenzen, bzw. Tonsysteme für sich stehen zu lassen, ohne eine gewollte musikalische Aussage, die man irgendwann satt hat, ohne die Einmischung der persönlichen kreativen Aussage des Künstlers.

(Die vollständige Kritik kann man hier lesen.)

Oliver Utzt

(Singer, Songwriter)

Sea Of Voices

The „Sea of Voices“ has a different approach, but shares the same wish, a meditation music that is not distracting for educated ears. It was created to dive deep into meditation with many layers of voices, like acoustic waves in an ocean.

We used the frequency of 136.10 Hz as the root of this sound cluster as it is resonating with the cosmic „OM“. It is also related to the heart chakra and is called frequency of the „Earth Year“. It has a high potential for healing powers in the body and the soul. Its pure power of the human voice was created to achieve a very deep level of relaxation during your meditation and can help you access your subconscious mind or support your visualisation.

Best to listen to with good quality headphones or earplugs, right after or before sleep.

Released November 21, 2019
Idea, vocals and arrangement by Uta Minzberg.
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Marc Mennigmann


The “Sea Of Voices” is available on Bandcamp and Apple iTunes.