Marc Mennigmann

Photographer | Musician | Entrepreneur

Hi! I’m Marc.

I am a photographer and a musician. I like to take pictures of musicians onstage and offstage, I love to play the piano, Chapman Stick and modular synthesisers, and I love to record, produce, mix and master albums. And of course, I love everything in between.

Shop Announcement

Launching My Own Store: A Step Towards Independence

The music world has been buzzing with talks about the recent changes at Bandcamp following its acquisition by Songtradr. A friend and fellow...
Musical Awareness

The Missing Link in Music Education: Nurturing Musical Awareness

The Missing Link in Music Education: Nurturing Musical Awareness This morning, I had an conversation with my friend and fellow multi-instrumentalist...
Innovisar AI Consulting

Introducing Innovisar AI Consulting

Hello Dear Friends and Followers, I hope this post finds you well. Today, I'm excited to share with you a new chapter in my professional journey...
Schumann Resonance

EarthBeat: A Personal Exploration of the Schumann Resonance

I would like to share my journey of creating the EarthBeat app with you. The idea sparked from a simple desire: I wanted widgets on my iPhone to...
Vamos A Nadar - Peyoti For President

New Release today ! Peyoti For President – Vamos A Nadar

Hey there, Chicas y Chicos!Guess what? It's time to drop some sonic goodness right into your eardrums! Prepare your floaties and grab your goggles...
Tony Levin

Music & Concert Photography

My current primary interest is photography, mainly concerts and musicians, but also portraits and headshots. This page is about all my pictures and projects.
Below please find just two examples…

Billy Sheehan
Eric Gales

The HANDS Project

I portrait musicians – but I do it by photographing their hands, the part of their body that initiates the sound, that plays the note. Explore the list of more than 250 legendary musicians already in this project like Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, Carla Bley, Steve Gadd, T.M. Stevens, Nils Landgren, and many others, plus a virtual gallery walk with a selection of their hands.

My Music Releases

I released some albums in the last few years, and there will be more in the future. Here you will find all my releases including the latest album of NOTOPIA featuring Mike Keneally and Peter Hammill. You can even subscribe to my music and get the complete back catalogue along with exclusive unreleased music for free.

The Lab

Have a look into my laboratory, my room for unlimited creativity — the recording studio for experimental, improvised music close to Dortmund, Germany. The lab is, where all the magic happens…

Upcoming Events

Currently no concerts are scheduled, please check again later.

Stay Up To Date

Sometimes there’s good news to tell: new album releases, stories from my HANDS shootings or insights into the recording sessions in the lab. Every few weeks I put stuff like this in a newsletter and send them using the MailChimp platform.
If you like to stay up to date with my projects, please follow the link and subscribe.

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