Marc Mennigmann

Photographer | Musician | Entrepreneur

Hi! I’m Marc.

I am a photographer and a musician. I like to take pictures of musicians onstage and offstage, I love to play the piano, Chapman Stick and modular synthesisers, and I love to record, produce, mix and master albums. And of course, I love everything in between.


eBook Release: The Human’s Handbook to Artificial Intelligence: From Basics to Ethics with ChatGPT

Get your copy in these shops: Apple Books Amazon Kindle USA Amazon Kindle DE Amazon Kindle UK Google Play: # soon # Rakuten KOBOThis is a little...
Body Painting

New project: Body Painting Sessions

Bodypainting is a form of art that involves painting directly onto the human body. It is a temporary form of painting that can be done either in a...
Increasingly Less Cover

Increasingly Less – THE LAB – finally a new release…

Hi all! After almost a year of not recording intuitive music sessions, this is the first trio that happened on a rainy day in the new LAB on...
2022 - Sagres, Portugal


Another year comes to an end. For me, a year full of change and upheaval. Does it make sense to write about why I left my old life and started a new...
Not Music Again

Not Music Again – and again a new track added to Bandcamp

Another attempt in my ongoing series of making noises that are music. This is as unexperimental as I can get. This is as much as I can lean out of...
Tony Levin

Music & Concert Photography

My current primary interest is photography, mainly concerts and musicians, but also portraits and headshots. This page is about all my pictures and projects.
Below please find just two examples…

Billy Sheehan
Eric Gales

The HANDS Project

I portrait musicians – but I do it by photographing their hands, the part of their body that initiates the sound, that plays the note. Explore the list of more than 250 legendary musicians already in this project like Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, Carla Bley, Steve Gadd, T.M. Stevens, Nils Landgren, and many others, plus a virtual gallery walk with a selection of their hands.

My Music Releases

I released some albums in the last few years, and there will be more in the future. Here you will find all my releases including the latest album of NOTOPIA featuring Mike Keneally and Peter Hammill. You can even subscribe to my music and get the complete back catalogue along with exclusive unreleased music for free.

The Lab

Have a look into my laboratory, my room for unlimited creativity — the recording studio for experimental, improvised music close to Dortmund, Germany. The lab is, where all the magic happens…

Upcoming Events

Stay Up To Date

Sometimes there’s good news to tell: new album releases, stories from my HANDS shootings or insights into the recording sessions in the lab. Every few weeks I put stuff like this in a newsletter and send them using the MailChimp platform.
If you like to stay up to date with my projects, please follow the link and subscribe.

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