The music world has been buzzing with talks about the recent changes at Bandcamp following its acquisition by Songtradr. A friend and fellow musician, Steve Lawson, shared some thoughtful insights on this, highlighting the importance of having a personal space online. The takeaway? Platforms change, but your own website is a solid ground.

Taking this to heart, I’ve created a new shop right here on my website. Now, you can directly download high-resolution FLAC versions of my music. This step is not just about selling music; it’s about building a direct connection with you, the listener.

My new store is a small but significant step towards a more independent digital presence. It’s about getting closer to the original idea of the internet – a place where connections aren’t controlled by a third-party.

I invite you to check out my new store, explore my music, and join me on this exciting new journey. Your support means the world to me and fuels my creativity. I’m thrilled to share this new chapter with you.

Together, let’s dive into this new adventure, nurturing a closer connection in the vast realm of music.