The Way Music Looks Like

I want to show what is happening, when a musician performs. I want you to be at the show, when you look at the photo.
Mike Keneally posing on stage at the G3 in Cologne 2018

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My pictures appeared in numerous print releases and advertisements like the Vintage Guitar Mag, a Warwick catalogue and even in the Agenda fashion magazine. But what I like best is when the musicians like the photos so much, that they use them on their publications, like their websites, CDs or T-Shirts. Here is a small collection of these releases, which is by no means complete:

  • David Rhodes used my portrait of him and his HANDS photo for his website.
  • Divinity Roxx used a portrait and her HANDS for her “ImPossible” CD release.
  • Stevie Salas added some of my live pictures and a portrait to his official press pictures.
  • Mike Keneally added several pictures to his website.
  • Ramesh Shotham based the full artwork of his new CD release called “Here It Is” on my photos of his performances and the HANDS of all the musicians on this record. I feel deeply honoured by this artwork.

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