SAAL – a German word, chamber, hall, saloon. It seems that no English word matches the German meaning. A SAAL is huge. Could be part of a chateau or castle. Sure it is old. Very old. Could be a courtroom or inside a hotel. Could be room for a trade fair or is a large concert room when called HörSAAL. Can be used as an auditorium or lecture hall. Sometimes modern, sometimes with an eventful past. The past, the future and the now meet in a SAAL….

ZebonautA SAAL is the picture for the frame of our musical concept. Free improvisation meets our musical experience. All our music is completely improvised. Citations meet our the indivudality of our members and quotes of the musical history meet unique and private expression. Action meets reaction. SAAL is an open playground for collaborations of any kind. Take part – enjoy – experience – share – contribute – be welcome in the world of SAAL. The main laboratory group of SAAL consists of the Worringer, TheMM, Sebastian Rüger and Friedrich.
The main group is open to all kind of additions. Any kind of instrumentalist, vocalist or in the figurative sense “performer” is welcome to join us, to add his own fragment of musical understanding to our SAAL-experience.

SAAL Cast Of Characters:
Peter Alexius aka der Worringer:
Guitars, Baritone Guitars, Loops, mainly digital FX

Marc Mennigmann aka TheMM:
Tenor + Alto Chapman Sticks, mainly analog FX

Sebastian Rüger aka ZEB:
Drums & Loops

Jürgen Wenzel aka Friedrich:
Voice & various FX

Next Concerts

Currently no concerts are scheduled, please check again later.


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