The Lab needs your Help!

The Lab needs your Help!

Dear friends, we could use some help here.
Sven and I have just launched our Patreon page of The Lab.

We have a playground here for true creativity. Improvised music is the game. With every bar and note we play, we follow the universal musical approach of Peter Erskine who said: “Don’t play what you know, play what you don’t know.”

Anyway this is far from mainstream and will never enter the charts or pay for itself by royalties from streaming. But this is what we want to do, because it is life, love, music and art all in one place.

Please support our work by sharing, donating, pledging. A little bit from YOU can help US, so WE can go on and be creative and create music far from the mainstream.

Spread the word and let’s see where we will land.

Prerelease Time!

Prerelease Time!

Month: January 2019

Prerelease time for my subscribers on BandCamp!
I just released a song called „Backup“ from the next EP of the collective „Wrong“ by Juan Dahmen. I contributed the Moog bass and the piano parts. By the way,  my favourite line of the song is “If this is fucking evolution I want you to take me back.”

The personell on this song is:
Juan Dahmen – vocals, drums, touchguitar, oohboard, organ
Alex Peña – guitars
Julián Román – saxes
Marc Mennigmann – piano, moog, prepared piano
Rosi Herreros – shaker, block

Artwork and design was made by Rubén Chumillas.

So many talented musicians are providing stuff for „Wrong“, be sure to check them out at or on BandCamp at

The release is subscribers-only. Thanks for supporting my work!

All the best and happy 2019!