Moon, Heaven’s Backdoor – Music Video

This is the opener of THE LAB’s debut album “Three Word Poems”.
You can find the whole album at

All songs on this record are entirely improvised. There were no lead sheets, scores, chords or melodies discussed in advance. All was created in real-time while playing.

Sven Kosakowski – acoustic and electric drums & percussion
Marc Mennigmann – piano, keyboards, modular synths
Ana Orias Balderas – bass

Three Word Poems – Released Today!

Three Word Poems – Released Today!

I’m so happy to announce that we finally released the new album “Three Word Poems”. Please jump over to BandCamp and have a listen. It’s perfect for these busy days!

Especially the last track called “Life, you know?” features a speech of philosopher Alan Watts. Ana had the lovely idea to put it on top of our improvisations. We edited the sound file into our flow and ended up with a quite meditative track. I had it on repeat for a few days. 😉
Of course, this is another free addition to the collection of my subscribers on BandCamp. But whatever you do to support my music, like purchasing a record, spreading the word, writing a comment or just listen to my stuff, I am deeply thankful for that. You as a listener keep music alive. Thank you!

Listen to the new album here.