THE LAB „What We Need“ – new album released today!

THE LAB „What We Need“ – new album released today!

New music for your lovely people! It’s release day today and I am happy to announce the latest album of THE LAB, called „What We Need“ is available now.

This seven-track album with 61 minutes playtime started as an experimental trio recording of Karlo Wenzel on trumpet, Sven Kosakowski on drums and me on keyboards and electronics. The recordings were edited and then sent to UK bassist Steve Lawson, who added low notes and some experimental sounds. Mostly he used the same intuitive approach, just playing along to the recording and adding what the music demanded. All recordings were edited, mixed and stirred around a little, and we finally had “What We Need”.

This album is another free add to the back-catalogue of my subscribers.

Thanks for your support, no matter if you are a subscriber, purchase the album, or just spread the word of the new release!
You will find “What We Need” at my BandCamp site:

"What We Need" album coverTHE LAB Manifest:

Create, innovate, collaborate, share.
Be yourself and let the music flow. Challenge yourself and create the unknown. Try to avoid musical habits. Improve yourself and play something new. Take risks, be prepared to fail, but always turn the mistake into something beautiful.

Make quick decisions. If something gets boring stop it or change it. Think process, not product. Give something away and tell a good story. Ignore the rules, but never play a note without a purpose. Play what you like to hear.

Be nice. Love. We are one.

“As Above So Below – No Piano Music” released today!

“As Above So Below – No Piano Music” released today!

As Above So Below Cover Art

90% of the things you will hear on this album is a grand piano. But it is not piano music. The piano was played using several playing techniques, mostly without using the keys. The sounds were sampled and then played using algorithmic, generative computer programs which are fed with my piano playing. So most of this music is no music at all. It just pretends to be music. It follows some rules that make you think that it’s music, but it isn’t. Or is it?

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The cover photo is by Hajo Müller, by the way. Hajo is doing a crazy beautiful and funny project called “Air Musicians”. Check it out at:

Hello & Goodbye

Hello & Goodbye

Hello & Goodbye

Hello & Goodbye Cover

Last week my friend Markus Hücking died unexpectedly.
I met Markus a few months ago for the first time in 30 years. We spent an afternoon with vibraphone-player Thomas Klecha-Faure and bassist Ralf Wißdorf at THE LAB full of intuitive music and fun and joy of life. In the evening I had dinner with him. We talked for hours and made up for the 30 years. Now he is no longer in this world.


“Hello & Goodbye” covers the music of this last session. You can download it for free, but you can also buy it for any amount you want. Just click on “Buy Digital Album”, download for free or name your price. The proceeds on release day will go 100% to Markus’ girlfriend. Thank you!


Love is the answer.


The LAB setup for recording "Hello & Goodbye"

“Deceleration – Deep Loops” – get the new release with a wonderful deal!

“Deceleration – Deep Loops” – get the new release with a wonderful deal!

As you might know, BandCamp today tries to raise more awareness around the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on musicians everywhere. They are waiving their revenue share on sales this Friday, March 20 (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), and rallying the Bandcamp community to put much-needed money directly into artists’ pockets.

I would like to jump on this train and add an extension to this deal. For each of my digital releases you purchase using BandCamp today, I will immediately invest the complete money into buying releases from other artists.

Here are the release notes:
I had the idea for the „Deceleration – Deep Loops“ a long time ago. I wanted to make a tape-loop-like record with very long, breathing chords, dense orchestration, fragmented loops, though slowest possible changes. A homage to minimalist symphonic composers and orchestras.

The result is these two tracks, in my opinion, they are perfectly suited for meditation usage. Therefore I mixed them especially to be used with a pair of good quality headphones. No binaural beats are involved whatsoever, just pure acoustic sounds in healing 432 Hz, heavily mangled with mostly analogue effects.

I hope this helps to bring some deceleration in these crazy times, something we all need so much. Relax, enjoy, and stay healthy.

Now jump over to BandCamp and start helping me to help others.


New Meditation Music Release: Sea Of Voices

New Meditation Music Release: Sea Of Voices

The „Sea of Voices“ was created to dive deep into meditation with many layers of voices, like acoustic waves in an ocean.

We used the frequency of 136.10 Hz as the root of this sound cluster as it is resonating with the cosmic „OM“. It is also related to the heart chakra and is called frequency of the „Earth Year“. It has a high potential for healing powers in the body and the soul. Its pure power of the human voice was created to achieve a very deep level of relaxation during your meditation and can help you access your subconscious mind or support your visualisation.

Best to listen to with good quality headphones or earplugs, right after or before sleep.

For more information about Alpha-Theta Coaching, please visit the beautiful website.

„Sea of Voices“ is available on my BandCamp site.
Of course it’s a free add to the catalog of my BandCamp subscribers.

If you prefer to use Apple iTunes to listen and purchase your music, you will find „Sea of Voices“ there, too!