New music for your lovely people! It’s release day today and I am happy to announce the latest album of THE LAB, called „What We Need“ is available now.

This seven-track album with 61 minutes playtime started as an experimental trio recording of Karlo Wenzel on trumpet, Sven Kosakowski on drums and me on keyboards and electronics. The recordings were edited and then sent to UK bassist Steve Lawson, who added low notes and some experimental sounds. Mostly he used the same intuitive approach, just playing along to the recording and adding what the music demanded. All recordings were edited, mixed and stirred around a little, and we finally had “What We Need”.

This album is another free add to the back-catalogue of my subscribers.

Thanks for your support, no matter if you are a subscriber, purchase the album, or just spread the word of the new release!
You will find “What We Need” at my BandCamp site:

"What We Need" album coverTHE LAB Manifest:

Create, innovate, collaborate, share.
Be yourself and let the music flow. Challenge yourself and create the unknown. Try to avoid musical habits. Improve yourself and play something new. Take risks, be prepared to fail, but always turn the mistake into something beautiful.

Make quick decisions. If something gets boring stop it or change it. Think process, not product. Give something away and tell a good story. Ignore the rules, but never play a note without a purpose. Play what you like to hear.

Be nice. Love. We are one.