The Lab - Three Word Poems (feat. Alan Watts) – FLAC Download

The Lab – Three Word Poems (feat. Alan Watts) – FLAC Download


After months of planning & building our new studio “The Lab” in Dortmund, this was the first session we recorded there. All songs are entirely improvised. There were no lead sheets, scores, chords or melodies discussed in advance. All was created in real-time while playing. We just connected ourselves to the oneness, and the music came by itself.

While mixing we did some minor keyboard overdubs, namely adding some synth pads or a vibraphone, but nothing that reshaped or changed the basic tracks.

Released December 16, 2018

1. Moon, Heaven’s Backdoor [02:02]
2. All Is True [02:32]
3. Except What Isn’t [05:10]
4. Tears Melt Snow [05:54]
5. Your Lion Hides [04:22]
6. Following Ocean’s Curve [02:13]
7. Hold Your Horses [11:14]
8. Let’s Get Lost [00:50]
9. Life, you know? (feat. Alan Watts) [05:54]

Sven Kosakowski – acoustic and electric drums & percussion
Marc Mennigmann – piano, keyboards, modular synths
Ana Orias Balderas – bass

Recorded at “The Lab” in Dortmund, Germany
Edited by Sven Kosakowski & Marc Mennigmann
Mixed & mastered by Marc Mennigmann

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