I just released my new album „Chakra Activation For Musicians“. It is not what you would usually expect from me, because it is meant as a music you can use for meditation.

I always have problems with the usual meditation music, because as a musician I am used to listen to the harmonies, the melodies, the sounds. And everything that does not meet my criterias for quality music immediately grabs my attention and takes me away from meditation. So I decided to create my own music.
The „Chakra Activation For Musicians“ is based on three scale concepts to activate the seven chakras of your body. I used the Platonic Frequencies, the Solfeggio Scale and the Energy Center Carrier Waves. All three frequency systems are not related to the tempered tuning we are used to nowadays, so it might sound a little irritating in the first place, but as soon as you let go and just let the harmonics and octaves do their work you will be amazed how deep you can go. Give it a try!

The „Chakra Activation For Musicians“ are available at:

And yes, this is a free addition to my backorder catalog for all my subscribers. Thanks for supporting my work!

If you like to read more about the theory behind these mediations, please have a look at the dedicated page for this release: https://mennigmann.com/bands/meditation-music-for-musicians/

Relax & Enjoy!
All my best,