We are happy to announce the NOTPIA “Celebrate” Remix Contest!

On our BandCamp site you will find a free download the raw isolated recordings of every instrument on the song “Celebrate” of our album “Celebrating Life“. No EQ, no compressor was added. No effects or even panning. Please play around with them, rearrange them, mix them, cut them, put them in a different context. In short, please play around with these files and send your results to marc@mennigmann.com.

For those of you who are wondering if the download is really free: “Yes it is.” Just click the “Buy digital album link” and enter a zero as price. You of course can pay something for it, if you want to support our music, but we are giving these files away for free.

The best three remixes will be released as a free download EP on our BandCamp site, of course mentioning your name as the one who created the remix.

Deadline for sending in your remix is June 30, 2018. We hope you enjoy this project. Love is the answer.