EarthBeat: A Personal Exploration of the Schumann Resonance

EarthBeat: A Personal Exploration of the Schumann Resonance

EarthBeat: A Personal Exploration of the Schumann Resonance

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I would like to share my journey of creating the EarthBeat app with you. The idea sparked from a simple desire: I wanted widgets on my iPhone to monitor the Schumann resonance and see if it had any effect on me.

EarthBeat Schumann iOS AppI’ve always been fascinated by the invisible forces that surround us, and the Schumann resonance, a set of spectrum peaks in the Earth’s electromagnetic field, was a mystery I wanted to unravel. I had previously dabbled in iPhone programming with my app FretBoard, but that was almost a decade ago. The landscape of app development has changed significantly since then, and I was eager to dive back in.

The process was both challenging and fun. I found myself immersed in the theory behind Schumann resonance, adding measurements from the Tomsk and Cumiana servers to the widgets. But I didn’t stop there. I also included Aurora forecast pictures, real-time sun images, and Kp Index measurements and forecasts. All these elements are connected to the Earth’s electromagnetic field and can potentially affect us humans.

EarthBeat WidgetsWhile there’s no definitive relationship between these indices and our wellbeing, having them at our fingertips allows us to observe and correlate them with our feelings and health. It’s a personal exploration, a journey of self-discovery that I wanted to share with others through EarthBeat.

However, I want to caution everyone. In our quest to understand Schumann resonances, we often lose sight of their true nature. The pictorial graph, or the spectrogram, becomes a canvas for bizarre claims that lack scientific grounding. Taken out of context, it can be misleading. Beware of those who present a fraction of the information as the complete reality.

EarthBeat on the iPadThe same caution applies to the sun pictures and the Kp-Index. There’s a lot of talk about the “Great Solar Flash” ushering in a golden age of humanity. But let’s not forget that our society is heavily reliant on electricity. Any significant solar event could dramatically alter life as we know it.

We’ve been fortunate that many of these great solar flashes have missed Earth, especially at a time when the field strength that protects us is diminishing. The Earth and the Sun aren’t here to “ascend” us against our will. Any spiritual growth requires conscious effort and work. Neither Earth, the Sun, nor a Creator God will do this for us if we’re not willingly on that pathway.

In conclusion, EarthBeat is more than just an app. It’s a tool for exploration, a window into the unseen forces that surround us. It’s a personal journey that I’m thrilled to share with you all. Let’s explore, learn, and grow together.