Earth Healing Meditation

New release today!
My wife created „Earth Healing“ as a guided meditation to connect with Gaia, our Mother Earth.

In our every day lives we tend to forget what our real nature is and that we all are the children of this beautiful planet we call the Earth. Although we all seem to be different-on a spiritual level, we are the same: beautiful souls sharing an adventure as humans here on this planet. In togetherness, we can heal ourselves and the Earth and ascend our energy.

Please feel invited to use this meditation for creating your inner space to connect on the soul level.

You can find the track at:

This album is not only a free addition to the catalogue of my subscribers (thank you for your support anyway), this is available as a free download. If you like, you can name a price for the download to support my work, but you can download it for free.

Enjoy. Love. We are one.