To shorten your wait for our next album release called “Tracks”, here is a song in advance called “Trinity Track”, featuring Axel Müller on saxophone, Shadi Al-Housh on percussion and Juan Dahmen on additional drums. Sven, Ana and Marc improvised the basics of this song.

We posted this song to several services. Please pick the ones you prefer and follow us using this hyperfollow page. You can also find it on BandCamp as a free download.

Sven Kosakowski – acoustic and electric drums, percussion & shaker
Marc Mennigmann – piano, keyboards, modular synths
Ana Orias Balderas – bass
Axel Müller – saxophones
Juan Dahmen – additional drums
Shadi Al-Housh – darbuka, riq

Basic track recorded at “The Lab” in Dortmund, Germany
Additional recordings at several facilities all around the world.
Edited by Sven Kosakowski & Marc Mennigmann
Mixed & mastered by Marc Mennigmann