NOTOPIA “Celebrating Life” CD Release

NOTOPIA “Celebrating Life” CD Release

Dear friends, this is a wonderful moment, and I would love to share the story behind it:
In June 2016 I had some studio time with my friends Sven Kosakowski and Peter Alexius. We recorded some free improvised music with crazy guitar god Mike Keneally and the bassist of his trio, Jaan Wessman.
It was a wonderful session with a lot of very nice output, and it took us about 6 months to select the most beautiful moments. Then we started mixing and editing the raw tracks – but we did not add anything new. The rule was “no overdubs”. But, we broke our rule to bring this to another level. Some of the tracks were sent to prog legend Peter Hammill and vocalist Mimi Ventura for some vocal additions. What came back from them blew us away, and we were happy to add their lyrics to our improvisations. Another run of mixing and finally mastering was done and now, after more than a year in the making, the final CDs arrived.
This is a lot different to the SAM sessions we had with Julie Slick in 2014 as I was much more involved in the production process. I did the complete mix down and half of the mastering by myself. I even laid out the track order and track names to make this a concept record. And finally I also did the cover photography and the whole artwork. So this is very much my baby.
I learned so much on the way and I am thankful for the help and advise I got from so may people. And I want to say thank you to my friends Sven and Peter for their trust in my work and giving me so much creative room to play with my own ideas.
The resulting record NOTOPIA “Celebrating Life” is already available for preorder. It will be released this Friday, Nov. 17. We are going to have a virtual release party online, and you are of course invited to join us at

NOTOPIA also has a nice small website at

And the NOTOPIA Facebook page is at

I hope to see you Friday to celebrate this release.

Thanks for reading.

All my best,

NOTOPIA – A Week About Friendship And Music

NOTOPIA – A Week About Friendship And Music

So here we go!
The next week will be about friendship and music. I have a two days studio session with my two NOTOPIA pals Peter Alexius on guitar and Sven Kosakowski on drums. Our very special guests will be our friends Mike Keneally on guitar and Jaan Wessman on bass. Virtually with us will be Divinity Roxx, who is joining us in form of a vocal phrase sampler I built with her in the last weeks.
I simply don’t know what will happen during these studio sessions, as there are no tunes to play, no prepared lead sheets, scores or chords. We will talk with our instruments, have a conversation through the music that will happen. And we will have a really good time. As I said, this is about friendship and music…

NOTOPIA – A Project About Life

NOTOPIA – A Project About Life

Here is a small teaser to let you know what I will do later this year. NOTOPIA is a project to celebrate life. It is about friendship, about music, about doing the things you like to do, and about living your dreams. NOTOPIA is something I will do with my closest friends and a very special guest. This is all I can say by now, but check back frequently for news. And remember the name: NOTOPIA

Der Mennigmann auf Platte

Da fragen sich doch viele “was macht der eigentlich da für Musik, wenn der mit seinem komischen Instrument unterwegs ist?”. Um diese Frage jetzt zweifelsfrei zu beantworten, gibt es ab sofort das Album “SAM – Another Life”, an dessen Entstehung ich massgeblich beteiligt war. Infos über die Entstehung der Platte gibt es auf der SAM Projekthomepage. Die Platte kann über Bandcamp als digitaler Download inclusive wunderbarem 41-seitigen, reich bebilderten Booklet erworben werden.

Als kleinen Preview hier mal ein kurzes Video, was die Atmosphäre bei den Aufnahmen im Tonstudio ganz gut wiedergibt:

SAM Slick Alexius Mennigmann – Another Life Teaser from Marc Mennigmann on Vimeo.

Aus den aufgenommenen mehr als 11 Stunden Material haben wir dann knapp 200 Minuten, also über 3 Stunden der besten Momente ausgesucht, neu abgemischt, gemastert und dann als Album “Another Life” mit 31 Stücken und 160 Minuten Länge, und der EP “Yet Another Life” mit 35 Minuten Spielzeit und 5 Stücken herausgebracht. Das Album ist so angelegt, das wir es vielleicht bis Ende diesen Jahres noch als physikalisches Doppel-CD Album veröffentlichen können.

Und hier kommt das Album “Another Life”

Und zu guter Letzt die EP “Yet Another Life”:

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